Whereas introductions to reproducibility are provided in passing on various pages that described how to do it, there is no single central point describing what reproducibility is. You know, a little page to introduce someone to the concept, without reference to any particular implementation. Something to link from the “reproducibility” word when it appears on the Wiki. A “reproducibility business card”.
Also, I felt a need to share with others the links to other people’s reproducibility implementations/ideas I have gathered lately. I considered contributing to the Reproducibility page on Wikipedia, but reproducibility in computational science is a bit different from reproducibility in general, in that it is possible not only to describe the experiment, but to actually provide its full implementation, ready to be run at any time!
Hence, a dedicated Madagascar Wiki page on reproducibility! Right now it lives in the Sandbox. Please feel free to edit it and add to it. I will continue to do so myself as well, but for now I was hoping other people have more raw material (i.e. links to other reproducibility implementations, or good articles describing the concept).