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Simple weight operator (weight.c)

This weight operator is defined by

Its adjoint is

$\displaystyle y = L_wx=wx, \qquad\textrm{with}\quad y_t\leftarrow w_tx_t.x = L_w^*y=wy,\qquad\textrm{with}\quad x_t\leftarrow w_ty_t.$    

Note that for complex data the weight $ w$ must still be real.

There is also an in-place ( $ x\leftarrow L_wx$ ) version of the operator, which multiplies the input data with the square of $ w$ i.e.

$\displaystyle x = L_wx=w^2x,\qquad\textrm{ with}\quad x_t\leftarrow w_t^2x_t.$